Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

(short and sexy video)


Story by Regis Giles (youngest sister of Hannah Giles who played the prostitute in the ACORN exposé videos):

Words cannot describe how thrilled and excited I was! I finally had my first bear. To this day, I still get jittery just talking about it.

Being able to go hunting in Alaska twice in a year is nothing short of a blessing; especially when you're hunting bears, one of the greatest predators in the world. Although this trip wasn't as physically challenging as last year's (there was an absence of mountain climbing), it still gave me a run for my money. Thankfully I was able to bag a gorgeous black bear on the last day of the hunt, and I couldn't have been more delighted.

NRA Insights: News for Young Shooters


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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I'm a Tea Party type and about as conservative as they come. I completely agree with the 2nd amendment and think concealed carry saves lives.

But when I read an article that starts with anyone, let alone a female who (no, gender is not a construct) has a vital bond to the nuturing of life, start out with a sentence like this one did, I feel nothing but disust.

To be so thrilled to have, for "fun," caused pain to and taken the life of a living being, is sick.

I have four cats. Wonder if this person has ever had animals, has ever been heartbroken when one is sick or in pain...or dead.

As conservative as I am, one thing I cannot agree with is writing an article merely to express your joy at "getting (your) first bear."


lgstarr said...

Regis has a new reality show about hunting (primarily) that will air around July, 2011 (or possibly 2nd quarter 2012) on The Pursuit Channel (which is new). She talks about hunting in this interview starting at 4:42. Pay attention also around 7:12 and 7:30: