Friday, June 13, 2008

Weather Channel Exposes Al Gore''s Costly Canard

The scientific illiterate, Al Gore, is the direct cause of the high gas prices. In 1996 he convinced President Clinton to veto a bill that would have allowed drilling in the ANWR--we would have have oil and gas from ANWR THREE years ago, were it not for Al Gore--you would be paying $2.00 a gallon less, and our economy would not be tanking. Thank you Al Gore for hating Americans and being, to paraphrase Al Franken, "a big fat liar". Gore and his Luddite friends have cost us jobs, a quality of living, forced tens of billions to be spent on a canard. All the while he is making millions off of folks that pay $25 to "rent" a tree, that already exists and call it "carbon credits". P.T. Barnum could not have done it better. Folks Gore has stopped us from converting oil shale in the Rockies, building nuclear plants and new gas refineries. His lies have caused every family to pay more for heating and driving to work. Terrorists could not have done a better job in destroying our economy that Gore and his Luddites. When you fill up this weekend, remember to give thanks to Al Gore and the Democrat party for the high cost. Pass this along to your friends. They need to know the truth. To see the complete article click on the URL below.

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