Tuesday, December 11, 2018


In a move of impeccable timing, a group of House Democrats and quisling Republicans have introduced a bill to impose a carbon tax here in the U.S., and the climatistas are falling all over themselves to say “Pay no attention to those riots over fuel taxes in France! Our carbon tax is completely different!” Here it is being called “tax and dividend” (or sometimes “revenue recycling,” which sounds even greener, because recycling!), as the tax revenue will supposedly be rebated to everyone. In other words, say the advocates, we merely want to induce fuel conservation by increasing the consumer price tag, but you’ll get your money back! So no harm, no foul air. I’m sure the next thing they’ll say is “Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning!” Why, I imagine the first carbon tax rebate checks are already in the mail.
No one over the age of six believes that a carbon tax would be “revenue neutral,” or that any rebate scheme wouldn’t be tilted into a de facto redistribution scheme. Some advocates are quite open about it. The prize for the most exquisite take on the whole matter comes from Tom Steyer on Twitter:

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