Sunday, December 23, 2018

AUSTRIA: instead of the migrants being targeted, it's the nasty human traffickers being targeted

That makes sense, because extranational smuggling cartels are the ugly off-camera player in these mass migrations that have flooded Europe (and the U.S.) making immense money off human misery as the news cameras have focused on hard-luck stories of individual migrants seeking to enter the West illegally and turned the cameras against anyone in the Western world who has opposed the practice. What's more, they've profited off the incentives to migrate illegally, as supposedly moral leaders, such as Pope Francis, have openly advocated for the individuals who enriched the smugglers, while ignoring the effects of illegal migration, such as imported violent crime, and cartels that grow richer and richer and richer, based on smuggling 'earnings.'

Fact is, smuggling rackets have grown immensely rich off lax asylum policies in Western countries, making big dollars off the left's judges and bureaucrats' supposed compassion in allowing all comers in.

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