Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"New York ain’t New York anymore"

A knish is just a knish,
A blintz is just a blintz.
Of that you can't deny...

Well, apparently not anymore!!

One man recently related:

"13th Avenue used to be fantastic. Carini's for pastries. Scotto's for "Brooklyn bread" and salviatas and other cookies. Long gone. [Yes, Scotto's is still there, but under "new" management.] And it's not just the paisans who are gone. Not that long ago, lady friend and I visited the old neighborhood, and she wanted a knish, like she used to buy for her mother on the avenue. We drove all the way from 38th Street to the New Utrecht Avenue el, not one Jewish deli with a lousy knish."

And a former New Yorker friend's recent experience:

"Speaking of knishes, we went to Yonah Schimmel’s, the most famous place in the world for knishes and they were awful.

Apparently, it’s now a mostly Internet mail order business so they are kept frozen and if you come in person (as we did) they microwave them. Ugh.

Yet another great New York institution down the drain."

My friend also mentioned that all her favorite restaurants were gone too!!

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