Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"One of the greatest speeches of any world leader in our lifetime"

Dr. Jack Wheeler:
Let’s make this clear at the outset. President Trump’s speech in Riyadh on Sunday (5/21) – from which the above is a quote – is one of the greatest speeches of any world leader in our lifetimes.

See for yourself – the full video and text are appended below. I could not possibly encourage you more to watch and read it attentively. But first, consider the context.

His audience was not simply Saudi royals starting with King Salman, but the leaders of every Moslem-majority country in the world, 54 in all. And in this place to this audience, he was the absolute antithesis of an apologetic appeaser like Obama.

Trump spoke to them politely and graciously, with every diplomatic courtesy and nicety that protocol calls for. But he spoke to them as a man, stand up and straight from the shoulder, not some metrosexual favor-currying pansy like Zero.

He spoke to them as The President of the United States and proud of it – but without a hint of bullying or threat. He spoke to them with complete respect for himself and his country – and with respect for them as well without any hint of gratuitous condescension.

This is a speech of pure presidential genius that only Ronald Reagan could have matched. And yet, although it was delivered in a Moslem country to an audience of Moslem leaders, I took it personally – that Trump’s speech had a message for me as an American, a message for all those who love America.
Transcript and Video of Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia, Sun May 21, 2017

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