Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New movie added

Top right (at the moment) is a category that started out as "Full Length Documentaries" and has now been changed to "Full Length Documentaries/Movies".

The movie I just added is a hysterically politically-incorrect film that could NEVER be made today. But you will die laughing. You may wonder why people are trying to suck all the humor out of life and why people are excoriated for saying something like "All Lives Matter".

Marxism, Maoism, socialism, statism, totalitarianism, and false religions all engage in stifling humor and joy from life because that is how they exercise control over their subjects. And besides, while they are torturing, beheading, demeaning everyone and stealing the fruits of your labor, you won't feel like laughing anyway.

So please, if you can--and while you can--still laugh, please do watch our newest edition BLAZING SADDLES!

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