Saturday, March 05, 2016

Is Donald Trump really a conservative? Who cares!!

My husband just sent me this, and I'd love to share it with my readers!
Trump may not be a conservative, but I can tell you the people who are definitely not's the Rockefeller/Republican progressive socialist elites posing as conservatives who have been going along to get along since the Wilson presidency.

You know them...they are the folks who sold the conservative base out after we gave them majorities in Congress....Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, McCain, etc. They are the folks who tried to undermine Reagan at every turn. They are the phonies on the radio....Medved and Hewitt specifically. They are the pundits at Fox and the Wall St. Journal..and David Brooks at NYT, Krauthammer at the Wapo

They are the folks who would rather lose and keep their little corner of power as the loyal opposition (which means no opposition to the Dem Socialists).

These elitist clowns cannot be allowed to dictate our candidate to us or lead us around by the nose. We are not liberals. We are the true conservatives.

I'm tired of this nowhere debate about who's a conservative. I don't care anymore. The last debate after Super Tuesday was an embarrassment and a disgrace for Fox and CRuzio

My presidential requirements are few.
1) Kill the Muslims overseas
2) Deport the Muslims who are here.....terminate if necessary
3) Build the wall......Deport the illegals
4) Re-build our military
5) Create a business friendly environment so business can hire again
6) Repeal Obamacare, make the insurance companies compete across state lines
7) Trash the existing trade deals and have business savvy people negotiate them.

That's what Trump said he would do. No one else is saying that. 

I could give a rat's behind about Trump U., or if he had some Polish workers contracted to work on one of his construction sites

Who cares if he's not a "true conservative". And who is the oh so special group of elites that gets to claim the mantel of "true conservative"? Who gave them this royal power? They took it for themselves. In November let's take it back.

Trump 2016.

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