Sunday, March 06, 2016

Anti-Semitism at German universities in the 1920's is not much different from anti-Semitism at today's universities

After a series of articles at American Thinker (see below) about the rampant anti-Semitism in universities, my husband, Gary Starr, penned a response:
“So, the ripened halls at Oxford are dripping with Jew Hatred and anti-Semitism. What a surprise. The Brits have never exactly been pro-Israel or friends of the Jews. For about 3-4 years they actively blocked European Jews from going to Israel after WWII....they actually kept Jewish refugees penned up in some of the German concentration camps. While not gassing them the Brits didn't provide much food despite millions of tons of allied food drops throughout post-war Europe. Saving the Jews during the war was an afterthought.

The point is that virulent anti-Semitism gains it's legitimacy, initially, at the know....where "freedom of thought" is encouraged so long as it is the politically correct freedom of thought.

In the early 1920s German student political activity was dominated by the Deutscher Hochschulring which was a militant anti-Semitic group. By 1926 the National Socialists had replaced the Deutscher Hochschulring as the dominant force in anti-semitism on campus. These students eventually became the National Socialists apparatchiks and SS officers that carried out the Holocaust.

Today the Saudi backed Muslim student groups preach Jew hatred and dispense pro palestinian propaganda. Combine that with Soros funded black lives matter and you have a lethal cesspool of Jew hatred, tacitly sanctioned by the leftist dominated Democrat party, Obama and the Clintons.

Crackpot pseudo-scientific lectures on race theory and eugenics then.........Crackpot pseudo-scientific lectures on race theory and eugenics now....with a dose of climate change thrown in for good measure. These are the new Nazi foot soldiers.

It's bad enough that this garbage flourishes in the Ivy League and other elitist universities funded by clueless alumni or fellow travelers.

What really stinks is that the tax payer is also funding Jew hatred at state universities like the University of California at Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside and Berkeley.

I can only imagine what goes on at Columbia in NYC.

Trump 2016. Time to take the leftist trash out. I can hear the garbage trucks down the block right now."

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