Thursday, August 20, 2015

How the RNC has changed it's rules to ensure that Jeb Bush is the GOP 2016 candidate for president

Know the plan, see the plan. Know the players and see through the game:
"Many people who have not followed the construct of the RNC/GOP plan as it originated (November/December 2013 – through the construction in May/June 2014 and end result in April ’15) are fundamentally misunderstanding the origin of the GOPe Roadmap to elect Jeb Bush.

More specifically, because the entire plan leads to a fundamental paradigm shift in the way the average person understands political constructs, many people just can’t accept how manipulated the entire system is. Even some of those who now understand are still making mistakes about who the road map was designed to face as an opponent."
Note: Since the original road map exposed the scheme, some modifications have taken place. The North Carolina primary date may change to join Florida and Ohio.

8/14/15: The 2016 Primary and Various Degrees of Influence…

"Hopefully this outline will be the last one needed to fully understand the (Wall Street, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street) RNC/GOPe plan. And more specifically, how each of the candidates lines up within the construct for the 2016 GOP Primary...

Here’s the full details of how the entire scheme was created and rolled out; as well as details of how to defeat them. There are hundreds of MSM historical citations inside the eleven linked outlines for those who need evidence or wish to research..."
8/20/15: How All The Candidates Fit In The Overall GOPe Road Map – “The Big Picture”….

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