Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fourteen Signposts to Slavery

Historian Dr. Warren Carroll and Mike Djordjevich, a refugee from communist Yugoslavia, together compiled a list of what they described as “Fourteen Signposts to Slavery,” warning signs that our government might be slipping into totalitarianism.

Author Gary Allen included the list in his landmark 1971 book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy ”. He noted that none of the items listed were in effect at the time the list was compiled, but some had been put into place as of the writing of the book, and the alarms that are set off are even more relevant today than they were in the early seventies.

Allen wrote “The imposition of any one of these new restrictions on liberty would be a clear warning that the totalitarian state is very near; and once a significant number of them – perhaps five has been imposed, we can rationally conclude that the remainder would not be far behind and that the fight for freedom and the preservation of the Republic has been lost to this country.”

We can hope that actual nature of the reality is less grim than his evaluation as by my count, we have exceeded that total already.

The fourteen signposts are in no particular order as to relevance and are as follows.

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