Saturday, July 19, 2014

The downing of MH17 should have serious consequences, but probably won’t

John Hinderacker, one of the lawyers who blogs at Power Line, makes a couple of observations:
First, the responsible parties were pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. Their reckless incompetence was staggering. They didn’t mean to shoot down a commercial airliner; they did it by mistake. In the transcripts of their cell phone conversations that have been made public, they sound like morons. And yet they had access to a sophisticated surface to air missile, capable of seeking out and destroying an airplane six miles high. . .
Second, it is remarkable that within a matter of hours if not minutes after the event, the Ukrainian government was able to release tapes of the rebels’ telephone conversations. Who knew that Ukraine had this sort of capability? Or maybe it wasn’t Ukraine at all, but the NSA that was listening to the pro-Russian separatists, and gave the recordings to the authorities in Kiev. . .

My Ukrainian readers have tripled in the last several months...hope you feel free enough to comment here!

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