Sunday, July 20, 2014

Could Obama Be a Plant of the KGB and the Muslim Brotherhood?

I’ll tell you the damnedest story you ever heard.
—Senator Raymond Clark (played by Edmond O’Brien), Seven Days in May (1964)

The Soviet Union began a dedicated espionage operation into the United States in the 1920s. This was detailed by Whittaker Chambers in Witness. The biggest fish among the caught spies was Alger Hiss, who practically wrote the original U.N. charter which handed Eastern Europe to the tender mercies of Joseph Stalin.

The Soviets targeted the government, academia, public schools, Hollywood, the Civil Rights Movement, and anti-war protests. They had enormous success. After the fall of the U.S.S.R, the Venona Project revealed that the so-called “witch hunts” of McCarthyism were in fact real and actual. The Soviets had little success infiltrating the military and no success with the Republicans. On the other hand, many top officials in President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration were paid Soviet spies. While all liberals were not Communists, all Communist spies were liberals. “Republican Nazis” could not be identified, since none walked around on Earth.

McCarthyism, Vietnam, and the Iraq War have revealed a terrible truth. There was a time in which the KGB needed to pay, coerce, blackmail, and recruit by hook and crook, Communist spies. Today, there are a large number of American citizens, all of whom have found a welcome home in the Democratic Party, who no longer need to be identified and recruited by enemies of the United States. Instead, of their own free will, these people choose as their politics what once was treachery. Activities that landed “Red Emma” Goldman, Ezra Pound and Tokyo Rose in prison now land them on the cover of Vanity Fair . . . or in high office!

This leaves us with the discomfiting notion that the Communists have actually won. The predictions of V.I. Lenin and Mao Tse-tung seem perilously close to have come true. No longer do their adherents carry hammers and sickles, or read Little Red Books. Their religion is global warming, gay marriage, race extortion, feminism, abortion, and social justice.

They look like you and me, just as one imagines the anti-Christ does. It is beyond subversion, it is insidious, malevolent, and utterly evil. It hides in plain sight, and few seem righteous enough to see what is in front of their faces.

Hollywood, oddly enough, seems to advertise some form of this better than the conservatives, who were so full of hubris after President Ronald Reagan won the Cold War that they failed to see the enemy shed their old uniforms in favor of college professorships, media knighthoods, and a brainwashing of our children worthy of the Hitler Youth.

In the waning years of the Cold War, Kevin Costner’s first big star turn was as a Navy hero in No Way Out who, as it turns out, was a Soviet plant known as Yuri, raised in the U.S. and tasked with rising to high political influence in service of Communism.

In recent years, two cable TV shows, Homeland and The Americans, have featured enemies buried within our system, plants and moles working to destroy us until the day arrives when we are vulnerable enough to have our way of life taken away. This does not entail blowing up our cities, but rather to maintain our infrastructure so that our enemies can take over all our most precious institutions.

The Venona Project revealed that these operations were very real and insidious, but the Left has so successfully turned McCarthyism into a pejorative that to suggest such a thing continues to this day is rendered laughable . . . if only it were not so real and actually happening to us today. Meanwhile, we are like the lobster thrown into a pot, slowly losing consciousness as the pot boils until we are helpless to save ourselves.

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