Friday, February 22, 2013

Absolute proof that mainstream Republicans have lost their minds

I never miss Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup at Sultan Knish.
Others put the Republican problem in starker terms. "They are just a party of white people" was the consensus among all the noted white people at both the New Republic and MSNBC.

However, David Brooks, a neoconservative commentator at The New York Times, believes the Republicans can easily get back in the game if they nominate Barack Obama as their 2016 Presidential candidate.

"Obama already has everything the Republicans lack - hipness, coolness, social media outreach, modern communications expertise, a huge database of supporters, a crackerjack campaign organization, and an unlimited supply of deep-pocketed donors," Brooks writes. "It would take the GOP decades to match any one of those. The failure of Romney's ORCA last fall shows how hopelessly behind they are."

A GOP insider, who wished to remain anonymous, agrees: "The media's love of Mr. Obama is worth ten points in and of itself. They loathe every single one of the GOP candidates - black, white, yellow, or brown - but they love Barack Obama. Republicans could never hope to close the gap working against such a cultural disadvantage, unless they choose Obama as their standard bearer.
GOP's Path Back to Power: Nominate Obama in 2016
The article quoted by Daniel Greenfield finished thus:
"The Tea Party is so 2010. Conservatism is stuck in the 20th century. . .

"It's fine to be standing for principles," the source continued, "but you can't eat principles at a five star restaurant. It all comes down to this: do you want to do the right thing or do you want to win?"

While according to the Constitution, Obama will no longer be eligible in 2016 after having served two terms, the GOP insider was hopeful: "After eight years of his presidency, do you really think anybody will care anymore what the Constitution says?"

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