Friday, May 25, 2012

What do Barbra Streisand, George Soros, and domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin all have in common? - UPDATED


What you just heard and read is no joke. It actually happened. The phenomenon is called “SWATting,” because it can bring a SWAT team to your front door. SWATting is a particularly dangerous hoax in which a caller, generally a computer hacker, calls a police department to report a shooting at the home of his enemy. The caller will place this call to the police department’s business line, using Skype or a similar service, and hiding behind Internet proxies to make the call impossible to trace. Anxious police, believing they are responding to the home of an armed and dangerous man, show up at the front door pointing guns and screaming orders.

That is exactly what happened to me. It is a very dangerous hoax that could get the target killed.
Thanks to GatewayPundit, An Ex-Con's View, Zilla Of The Resistance, Legal Insurrection, and many, many others...we are all "Spartacus" now in the blogosphere.

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