Monday, August 29, 2011

It wouldn’t matter if Al Capone were president of the United States, impeachment and a Senate trial is the only way to remove a sitting president from office.

Of all the things this administration has done, the best option for having Obama removed through impeachment and conviction is Operation Fast and Furious. It is a scandal that has been percolating just beneath the surface for months now and it involves the ATF allowing weapons to ‘walk’ into Mexico; it reaches to the highest levels of the Justice Department at minimum. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, ICE agent Jaime Zapata, and countless Mexican civilians are all alleged to have been murdered as a direct result of those who authorized it.

Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa has already chaired multiple rounds of hearings; he’s way out in front of Lamar Smith in that regard. Attorney General Eric Holder, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich, and ATF Supervisor William Newell have all given testimony that reeks of perjury. As the scandal creeps along, it gets closer to the White House and Issa says there will be even more hearings. If this administration either authorized or knew about Fast and Furious, the scandal instantly becomes Watergate with murder.

If Obama authorized the operation, he could be guilty of criminally negligent manslaughter, which occurs when the death of another human being is the result of serious negligence or recklessness. Authorizing a program that puts guns in the hands of drug cartels who kill our federal agents would necessarily qualify. If, as some have alleged, the intent of the Obama administration was to create a crisis of guns crossing the border – in order to further a gun control agenda – we’re talking constructive manslaughter, which is more severe because it involves malicious intent.

If Holder committed perjury when he told the Senate Judiciary committee on May 4th that he had only learned about Fast and Furious a few weeks earlier, did Obama know his Attorney General committed perjury and do nothing about it? Worse yet, did he instruct Holder to commit perjury? In the former case, it’s called aiding and abetting perjury. In the latter case, it’s called suborning it.

Manslaughter and perjury are both impeachable offenses and Darrell Issa’s committee is getting very close to the truth, which does involve dead Americans and blatant stonewalling.

Issa has quickly become persona non grata in the leftwing media as well, a clear indication that he has become a threat.
Will Congressman Eliot Ness Please Stand Up?

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