Friday, April 14, 2006

Can you help this soldier?

Hello everyone,

I am writing to share a significant and immediate need that one of our Doctors has shared with us here in Iraq. As you know the Terrorist Insurgents have been targeting innocent civilians and even today they struck a mosque that killed many people and wounded many more who were on the street. We are flying them here to Balad and treating them at our hospital and then sending them home. The problem that we have is that we don't have any clothes for them to wear home. As you know they are usually damaged or cut off of them when we treat them.

Many of these civilians were flown here and are far from their home and their families are unable to get here to provide for them. I'm asking all of you to contact your friends and go through your closets and pick out clothes that you no longer wear. We need clothing for kids especially sandals and pants and shirts for men. Women are harder to provide for since they wear the black dresses that cover them from head to toe but anything like that would help. If you could get some of these things together and send them here it would be a tremendous blessing to the people we are treating. Some of the Iraqi people we are treating are still trying to figure us out and asking why we are helping them and this small gesture will make an enourmous statement about the generosity that each of you posses.

Please send them to Major Patrick Howard, Balad Hospital LSAA, APO AE 09391. or to me at the 40th CSG, LSAA, APO AE 09391

I know that it's time for Spring Cleaning and this request may help prod you to go through your closets. Anything will do.Thanks for your help and for your prayers!

Your friend,

CPT Tim Escobar
US Army, AV
Balad, Iraq

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