Thursday, July 04, 2019

What a Conservative Learns In College

Excerpt: . . .fear was a constant feeling for conservatives on campus. In May 2017, when a massive protest engulfed the college over racist notes found on campus, my progressive peers put up posters declaring “I’m sick of white tears” and “f*ck your white complacency.” During the protest, student demonstrators took over portions of the school, blocking some entrances and effectively barricading students inside. Rewarding demonstrators for having successfully commandeered a campus building, administrators canceled classes the next day to address their grievances.

Later it was proven that the main “racist note” that had launched the campus coup was a hoax, written by a black, female student.

As I reflect on my four years in college, I admit I am disappointed in many ways. The lack of diversity of thought, the absence of respect for differing opinions, the threats, the bullying–it was all so juvenile and the antithesis of everything higher education is supposed to be.

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