Monday, January 28, 2019


Newly announced Democratic candidate for president Kamala Harris is using Charlottesville as a campaign issue, so I asked my husband to send me his background info which needs to remind you (and everybody!) how they will use lies to try and get rid of our president!
I knew this was a set-up all along. And now we find out that "right-wing" organizer, Jason Kessler, is an Obama supporter and Occupy loser.
Charlottesville was a setup.....two sides of the same anti-American coin fighting with each other. Who benefits? 1930s Germany redux.........fascists and communists. The American Left's Reichstag moment
It's starting to smell like the biggest pile of astro-turf fomented by Obama's OFA and Valerie Jarret and executed by one Robert Creamer....the guy who got caught fomenting violence at Trump rallies.
Same M.O.....bring in leftist wringers like Antifa to bait protesters, but this time some of the "supremacists" are also paid leftist "actors" in this sick play. And the kid who drove the car is the patsy, the one who was dumb enough to actually, and perhaps accidentally, kill someone. I don't think anyone was supposed to die. The kid will be lucky if he makes it to trial.
To the best of my knowledge here is what happened:
There was a right wing prayer group that was going to hold a pro America rally. They were characterized as n@zis because, today, anything pro America is characterized that way. Opposing them was Antifa, the Soros backed leftist fascists who also have turned Portland updside down by blocking the ICE offices there. They also torched a few buildings at UC Berkeley in CA.
A former pro-Obama Occupy guy named Jason Kessler formed a fake right wing group and he and a few of his friends were the ones that posed as the Anti-Semitic "Nazis" that the press has been harping on since then. It is very likely the girl that was struck by a car at the riot was driven by one of Kessler's people.
The Charlottesville Chief of Police gave the stand down order to the cops because he is a liberal and he let the riot happen. The press have been only too happy to play along since then. The same thing happened with the Portland Antifa riots. The Chief of Police there is also a leftist.
Charlottesville, like every other Antifa riot, was pure astroturf. There was/is no white supremacist organization in the U.S. that has any sort of power or influence.
And the cops standing down, just like the Berkeley Antifa riot. Who benefits from a riot?
Follow the money and the lawsuits...

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