Monday, April 23, 2018

‘She has a design background:’ First lady Melania Trump prepares to host state dinner

A beautiful article which lets you in on some of the reasons why our First Lady is the perfect person to be in charge of something like this.
State dinners, with all their protocol and symbolism, are the highest-profile entertaining any White House can do, and for Melania Trump, a state dinner is a chance to showcase her strengths, said Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman.

“Remember, she has a design background,” Grisham said, referencing Trump’s career as a fashion model and as owner of her namesake jewelry line.

“She has amazing taste, which makes things very, very easy,” added social secretary Rickie Niceta.
And, as for the differences between Melania and the previous first lady:
Trump chose to hold the dinner for the French dignitaries in the State Room, the smallest of the White House venues used for such events. The guest list is a modest 130 to 150, making for a more intimate soiree than many state dinners in previous administrations. (For example, the Obamas’ last state dinner, for Italy, packed nearly 400 guests into a tent on the South Lawn.)

It’s a reflection of one of the first lady’s principles for entertaining, aides said. Trump believes “it should never be too crowded,” Niceta said. “You should be able to move; you should be able to see the White House and feel special that you’re here.”
Each to his own! Some people believe in elegance and intimacy...others just shove as many people as they can fit into a big tent.



Adrienne said...

Packing people into a circus tent is tacky, and well - tacky. It's like saying the guests are not good enough to actually come into the house.

We had some "friends" who held a party and had tables and stuff set up in the garage. Their house was plenty big enough for the number of guests. I thought it was weird - to say the least. I've seen it done for huge family dinners on big events when it was the only way for people to all sit in the same room, but efforts were taken to make the space pretty. I get that.

Melania's table settings are gorgeous and the dining room looks wonderful. No hip-hop stars either. Bravo. Class has returned to the White House.

lgstarr said...

Please post a link to the dining room and table settings...I haven't seen them yet!

Glad you posted...I agree :-)