Sunday, January 28, 2018

This is the worst scandal in the history of the United States

We have no idea how bad this gets. The FBI suddenly claimed 50,000 texts from Strzok and Page were gone, missing, disappeared. Two days later the DOJ Inspector General announced he found them. Of course, he did. FBI forensic experts find missing texts from bad guys every day. That means the FBI was purposely trying to hide these 50,000 texts. Can you imagine what must be in these texts, if FBI leadership is willing to commit fraud to hide them?

We just found out today that the texts from the phone of rogue FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are missing. Really? Can you imagine what must be in them?

We also found out from the few texts that have been released that FBI agents leaked confidential information to the Washington Post. Didn’t Obama want to put Julian Assange in prison for life for leaks of confidential information?

Folks this is called a coup.

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