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A roundup of the best "100-day" posts for President Donald J. Trump


Scott Adams (the brilliant creator of "Dilbert") has the most unique "100-day" report:

Dobbs: Trump’s first 100 days successes are unmatched (VIDEO)

James Poulos, THE WEEK:
Trump's first 100 days were not a failure. Far from it.

Complete List of President Trump's Accomplishments in his First 100 Days:
The Gateway Pundit (MOST RECENT)

Michael Walsh, NEW YORK POST
Trump's first 100 days have been better than you think

100 Day Report Card - compiled from various sources (including PBS) by Gary Starr

23. Nominated and seated Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

22. On 4/28/17 President Trump’s executive order lifts the ban on offshore drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic and Atlantic areas.

21. 4/28/17 President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order creating an office of accountability and whistle-blower protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

20. On 4/21/17 The President signed two presidential memoranda’s and one executive order today. “This is ‘Identifying and Reducing Tax Regulatory Burdens’,” he paused, then jokingly continues, “that covers a lot of territory there.” The President grinned after that, the crowd of reporters laughed, and he signed the document.

19. Getting rid of Obama Era Gun Control. On February 28th Trump signed the repeal of Obama’s Social Security gun ban;  a ban which empowered the Social Security Administration to strip away the Second Amendment rights of Social Security beneficiaries without due process. Days later, Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke squashed Obama’s lead ammunition ban for federal lands and waters. The repeal of another ban–the Obama-era gun ban for military veterans–is also on the move in Congress, as is the Hearing Protection Act; an Act which will deregulate firearm suppressors by removing them from the purview of the National Firearms Act (1934). During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump Jr. signaled that his father would sign a bill deregulating firearms if such legislation made it to his desk.

In addition to the things Trump and his administration have done to reduce firearm regulations, one cannot overlook the importance ofnominating and securing the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Throughout the campaign Trump pledged to defend the Second Amendment and on October 9, 2016, he promised to nominate a justice would protect gun rights from “people like Hillary Clinton.”

Trump spoke in favor of the ruling in District of Columbia v Heller (2008) during the presidential campaign and Gorsuch did the same during his confirmation hearings. On April 7 Gorsuch was confirmed by a vote of 54 to 45.

18. 4/12/17 President Donald Trump refused to sign onto the G7 statement on the Paris Agreement to Global Warming junk science.

17. President Trump signed a bill on 4/3/17 that repeals internet privacy rules, which passed under President Obama’s Federal Communications
 Commission, but had never gone into effect...

16. The War on Coal is over. President Trump has moved to unravel a host of energy regulations imposed by his predecessor, targeting in particular the Obama administration’s signature program that was intended to curb carbon emissions – but blasted by Republicans for hurting the already-struggling coal industry.

With a sweeping executive order signed at EPA headquarters, Trump initiated an immediate review of the Clean Power Plan, which restricts greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants. Surrounded by coal miners, the president described that plan as a “crushing attack” on workers and vowed to nix “job-killing regulations.”

15. Trump signed H.J.Res. 58, which overturns the U.S. Education Department’s (USED) rule that relates to how teacher training programs are assessed. Additionally, the president signed H.J.Res. 57, which nullifies USED’s rule relating to state accountability requirements under ESSA.

14. President Donald Trump signed a resolution today overturning President Obama’s “Stream Protection Rule” issued by the Department of the Interior during his last weeks in office. Trump said the resolution would “eliminate another terrible job-killing rule” and would help save thousands of American jobs in the mining industry.

13. Muslim Refugees “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals,” contained these key elements:

--Suspended the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days, prohibiting the arrival of refugees into the United States from any country during that period

--Ordered the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security to undertake a complete review of the refugee vetting process

--Permanently banned Syrian refugees until President Trump determined otherwise, and

--Lowered the ceiling of refugees allowed to enter the United States during FY 2017 to 50,000.

Currently being blocked by a liberal judge

12. Border wall. In this order, President Trump states it is the policy of the United States to immediately construct a wall on the southern border. The order directs agencies to begin planning and identify funding for the project, including sending requests to Congress. It also directs agencies to construct or contract out for more detention facilities at or near the Mexican border. This order also directs the hiring of an additional 5,000 border patrol agents, subject to funding. And it requires that all agencies identify any U.S. aid funds that have gone to Mexico in the past five years.

11. Deportations and sanctuary cities. This is also a longer order with several major pieces (as above, no public link yet). The president has directed agencies to step up deportation of those in the country illegally. First, he prioritizes seven groups of people for deportation. It is anyone: convicted of a crime, charged with a crime, who has committed a chargeable offense, has misrepresentedthemselves to the government, has abused a welfare program, who is under deportation order and who may “in the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.” 

Second, the order also directs the hiring of 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, though it states that is subject to funding. Third, it states the U.S. policy is now to allow local law enforcement officers to act as immigration officers wheneverpossible. Fourth, it orders the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security to block federal grants from so-called “sanctuary” cities which do not enforce some immigration laws (Currently being blocked by a liberal judge)

10. Review manufacturing regulations. In this memorandum, the president ordered the Commerce Secretary to begin a 60-day review of regulations for American manufacturers, with the aim of finding ways to speed up permitting and all federal processes for them.

9. American steel in pipelines. President Trump directed the Commerce Secretary to come up with a plan to ensure that all pipelines built or repaired in the United States be constructed with American-made materials “to the maximum extent possible.”

8. Speeding up environmental reviews for all priority infrastructure. President Trump ordered that agencies and the chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality work together to set up faster deadlines and environmental approval for “high priority” infrastructure projects. It gives significant power and responsibility to the White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman, who will decide within 30 days if a proposed project is “high priority.” (The president has not yet nominated a new CEQ chairman.)

6 + 7. Speeding approval of Dakota Access and Keystone Oil Pipelines. President Trump ordered that permits for the the Dakota Access Pipeline be approved in an expedited manner, “including easements or rights-of-way to cross Federal areas.” (Army denial of an easement was a previous victory for pipeline opponents.) In his Keystone memorandum, Mr. Trump invited TransCanada to resubmit its application for a pipeline permit, and he directed the State Department to issue a final decision on that application within 60 days.

5. Federal hiring freeze. The president has told agencies they cannot fill any vacant positions nor open new ones, with two exceptions: military personnel and critical public safety positions. The freeze just ended.

4. TPP. This memorandum withdraws the United States from all Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and from signing the trade deal.

3. Abortion. President Trump has ordered that federal dollars cannot go to organizations that provide abortion services.

2. Regulation freeze. The president has frozen all regulations now in process (but not approved) until they are approved by him or an agency after he took office. This means any regulation signed by former President Barack Obama in his final weeks in office — including some that deal with energy efficiency standards — are on hold until they’re reviewed by Trump’s administration.

1. ACA rollback. Mr. Trump has allowed all agency heads to waive requirements of the Affordable Care Act to the “maximum extent permittedby law.”

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