Sunday, February 12, 2017


Heard from a number of friends of mine this week who said that they were afraid of letting their opinions be known in Hollywood, because they knew that it would cost them work.
And some who told me stories of how letting their political beliefs be known actually HAD cost them work.
And some who asked me if I thought my openness was costing me work.
This is how the Hollywood Left operates. They do not "disagree" with those of us who do not support their Democrat party.
They hate us.
They want us to be unable to work, or to speak, or to feed our families. They do not want to debate us, or to try to convince us that their way of thinking is correct.
They want us to disappear, to be afraid, to keep our mouths shut, to get in line, to cower before them.
They want us to die.
I refuse.
I refuse to be intimidated by them. In fact, I will laugh at them while they march in the streets, and pull their pants down and wear stupid p*ssy hats and block Betsy Devos from doing her job (when they don't even know why they are doing it), and call me a racist or Trump a Nazi or whatever other nonsensical name they want to use to justify their infantile behavior toward me and everyone in this country who votes differently than they do.
Every few years, they make another TRUMBO or a GUILTY BY SUSPICION or a GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK about the evils of McCarthyism and the terrible blacklist -- with no awareness that they are the NEW McCarthy, the NEW blacklist, the NEW "fascists" -- a word they throw out constantly, a word that they could not define if their next limo ride depended on it.
They do not scare me. And I hope more and more of us in Hollywood who think like me will stop being afraid of them.
It is time to show these bullies that we are not afraid.
While you watch the next self-congratulatory awards show, where they cry and applaud each other for being "brave" when they stand up to the microphone and say what everyone in the room demands that they say if they want to continue to work in this industry, keep this in mind:
They don't disagree with us. THEY HATE US.

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