Saturday, November 12, 2016


Thanks to author Tom Del Beccaro for posting this:
My friend Jennifer Spruce wrote the following . . . I think you should read it:
To anyone who says they will "move to Canada" now, let me show you the beautiful irony of what you are saying.

To move to Canada you have to do a couple things...
  1. Determine if you are eligible. They screen for criminal records, financial situations, health, even check if you have a non-admissible family member.

  2. Determine what type of visa to apply for. If you're just the 'average Joe' you have to have 12 months full time managerial, professional, or skilled trade work. (Sorry whiny college students.)

    If you want to be an entrepreneur or bring your start-up to Canada, better have 10 million Canadian Dollars. Price to entry.

    There's a couple of other types that are rare and restrictive to certain provinces - not likely to happen for you.

  3. Appy. Yes you actually have to go through a process to show your language skills, work skills etc.

  4. Pay a fee. Wait, what?

  5. Wait for your Visa. Even Express can take 6-12 months.
So...anyone see the irony here??

The people who hate Trump because he wants to stop illegal immigration and make sure people follow the process to get in this country want to move to a country where they will have to go through the exact type of process to protest. Can't even make this stuff up!!
Note from lgstarr: "Emmigration" is the act of leaving one's country...we're so used to talking about "immigration" I just wanted to make that point.

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