Saturday, October 08, 2016

Republican cockroaches scurry away into history

So Donald Trump is supposed to quit the race?
Think about it: now everyone is focusing on a crude comment (like the ones that millions of men make all the time) instead of:
(1) all the sexual criminal assaults upon many women by Bill Clinton
(2) the many criminal and national security breaches made by Hillary Clinton and
(3) the end of our country as founded (Supreme Court replacements coming up).
Not even counting that Obama did cocaine and marijauana (ABC reported he was a member of the "Choom" gang in Hawaii). Donald Trump doesn't drink or do drugs. Hillary drinks which can't mix well with Parkinsons' medications (even my own physician thinks she has it).
So a crude remark is supposed to make all of you scurry away like cockroaches???
Seeing the behavior of all these "Republicans" who are deserting the ship makes me even MUCH MORE certain that I am voting for Donald Trump and MUCH MORE CERTAIN that I am leaving the Republican Party if he is not elected.
I want nothing more to do with these fake conservatives who stand for nothing but their own personal careers, money, and positions.
I'm done.
--Linda Starr

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