Sunday, July 10, 2016

Magic tricks and self-fulfilling prophecies

Liberals love to create scenarios that are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Here's one of their biggies (if not their biggest):

Bring in millions of people illegally who don't know our history, don't like our culture, and take the hard-earned money of our taxpayers...then wonder why there are problems (both with illegals breaking the laws they don't know or care about starting with their invasion of our country as well as the resentment and anger from hard-working, taxpaying citizens who are robbed by their own representatives and hung out to dry).

Really a variation of the old tactic of using the government to interfere in a free market, claiming that free markets don't work, and then convincing low-info voters they must elect representatives that will "fix" it.

One of their biggest magic tricks?

Convincing the people who are uneducated by their government schools to RE-elect them to fix what they promised to fix before!

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