Sunday, November 29, 2015

VIDEO: The Glazov Gang-Russia’s "Holy War" on the Islamic State?

My Summary:

1) There is a “Holy War” in Syria--between Shiites and Sunnis, and between different groups of Sunni Muslims. Putin is backing Shiites and Obama is backing Sunnis. It’s about picking one group of Muslim terrorists over another group of Muslim terrorists.

2) Putin’s target is not ISIS, it’s various Sunni groups in order to keep Assad in power. It’s a face-off between Iran and Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

3) Putin is not really there for Assad, he’s there for Iran (this intervention was planned by a key Iranian figure in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard). Christians will still suffer in varying degrees under the rule of Iran or the Sunnis or ISIS.

4) ISIS is not the main target: Russia is aiming at Sunni targets and Turkey is aiming at Kurds and there are ISIS casualties as a by-product.

5) “Obama got into this to support a Muslim Brotherhood take-over of Syria. They had a major presence in the Sunni opposition originally. Since then, they’ve been displaced, to some extent, by groups aligned with Al-Qaeda.”

6) The Muslim Brotherhood were able to take over Egypt and Tunisia without an armed conflict, but had an extended armed conflict in Libya. In Syria here’s been an extended religious civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnis (originally headed by the the Muslim Brotherhood which Obama wanted to back militarily, but who is now displaced by Al-Qaeda which he doesn’t want to back). Obama is in the strange position of (a) bombing ISIS but (b) cannot alienate Assad because of his deal with Iran and (c) he cannot alienate the Muslim Brotherhood.

7) “The truth is there is no such thing as the ‘moderate’ Muslim terrorist. They’re all bad guys and we shouldn’t be supporting any of them.”

8) Article “How Putin Is Winning And Losing Syria” by Daniel Greenfield
“The more chaos Russia creates in the Middle East, the more Muslims flood into Europe, the shakier the European Union becomes. If Putin achieves nothing else in Syria, he can keep the flow of Muslim migrants going long enough to bring down the rest of Europe. And if Europe is in bad enough shape, his Eurasian Union becomes more viable.”
9) “Russia is there for Iran, it’s there to protect Iran’s interests, and that puts it in a direct collision course with Israel.”

10) (a) “We should focus on taking in Christian refugees rather than Muslim refugees…” and (b) “look for ways to stabilize Christian areas…” and (c) “I really wouldn’t recommend making particular deals with terrorist groups because that’s going to backfire.”

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