Monday, July 06, 2015

FBI Special Agent W Cleon Skousen's "Current Communist Goals" (1958)


Repeated as read into the Congressional record in 1963, the goals below speak for themselves and show just how far Obama, top aide Valerie Jarrett (herself from a family with various communist associations) and fellow comrades have advanced a great deal of this decades-old vision.

In 1958, former FBI Special Agent W Cleon Skousen published "The Naked Communist" in which he listed the then current communist goals for infiltrating, transforming, and ultimately taking over America...Of the 45 goals in Skousen's list, some obviously do not fit today's changed circumstances while others are far more devastating than originally fathomed...

The Islamic threat was not on Skousen's radar in the 1950's and it has severely metastasized since then. Obama's foreign policy, which has alienated our traditional allies while demonstrating steadfast loyalty to both the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime leading the Islamic Republic of Iran, seems to have "evolved" coherently from Skousen's goals.

Bill Siegel is the author of "The Control Factor: Our Struggle to See the True Threat" published by Hamilton Books.

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