Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project LIFE

TAC firmly believes if a woman sees her baby, hears the heartbeat and knows she will have ongoing support the likelihood of her carrying the baby to term will increase dramatically. TAC, along with the pregnancy center, will offer these services free. 
Statistics have shown that outside influences are the main reason most women choose abortion. This could be pressure from parents or a spouse, but in most cases it is the boyfriend. These units have the capability for a third party to also see and hear that life. Many times a man will then, realizing the truth, have the courage to step forward and protect their child’s life. 
The total cost of the mobile unit, which is really a mobile home, is $133,000.00 and another $50,000.00 for the ultrasound unit build exclusively for sonograms. These units are within medical compliance and also comply with the OSHA and HIPAA regulations.
At the present time TAC has raised about $40,000.00.

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