Thursday, December 25, 2014

“We’re done.”

Frankly, this is more shocking than the famous quote spoken to Scarlett Ohara by Rhett Butler in the movie "Gone With The Wind": “Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.”

"We're done," a growing sentiment amongst the guardians of our freedom, means we are leaving behind the freedom of our Constitutional Republic and entering the free-for-all of a chaotic anarchism whose only outcome can be a totalitarian regime, most likely that of Islam, judging from our "presidents" own loyalties.
Those words were said to me by dozens of incredibly frustrated and discouraged officers in the last two weeks at a half a dozen Calibre Press seminars.

I’ve listened to police officers who were incredibly emotional. One had been shot several times while trying to protect a woman from a husband on a domestic abuse case. Another had been shot making a simple traffic stop.

Several teared up as they talked about how hard they work and what they have sacrificed personally to do their jobs and protect those in their communities. One told me how he ran into a burning house to save the occupants. Another talked of diving into a flooded street to save a person stuck in a car. These are people who loved their job—until their job became toxic in the popular discourse.

I had conversations with several officers who had experienced significant stress during the so-called “peaceful” demonstrations going on right now. They talked emotionally of being called “pig” and “murderer” and all sorts of other vile names.

I’ve seen videos where officers have the finger in their face, inches away from their eyes while the demonstrators called them “slaves” and “killers.”

And what’s becoming their emotional reaction across this country? “We’re done.”

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