Monday, August 04, 2014

Losing a friend

Just learned that a new friend of ours John Fasano passed away July 19, 2014.

Comments on Deadline Hollywood all say what we discovered...John was so funny, generous, talented, and well-loved and will be really, really missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.

More about him and his career at Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

We had such a great time during this last year with John and his wife, Edie--they lived half a block down the tree and grass-lined streets against the mountains and across the street from our fantastic mutual yoga teacher, Marydale. Such good times!

They sold their place shortly after we sold ours last April and we were getting ready for them to visit us any day here in Arizona! My husband had planned to launch a relentless campaign to get them to move here (they were in the process of deciding among 5 or 6 different locations around the country).

Friends and good people are hard to find.

So, so damn sorry.

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~~Robert said...

So sorry about your loss. We never understand; yet, we must cope.