Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A judge can deny the motion based on law and fact, but he has no right not to docket it

Judge Lamberth is the same judge who approved the secret subpoena to obtain e-mails of FOX reporter James Rosen and even of Rosen’s parents based on a subpoena signed by Attorney General Holder. Lamberth gave this approval after two judges refused to give such an approval. Later, when redacted subpoena was declassified, it was kept hidden from the public for 18 months. Recently Judge Lamberth issued a public apology claiming that it was a clerks’ fault, that clerks in his court did not do their job and did not post the subpoena in the electronic docket. . .

Apparently the clerks of the court are not willing to be thrown under the bus and now they provided a recorded statement that in Taitz’ case the documents are not placed on the public docket not because of the actions of the clerks, but by the order of Judge Lamberth.

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