Monday, May 09, 2011

BLIND POST: China’s Barbaric Cruelty to Animals

This troubling and shocking article has been written as an exclusive for VFR. It could be subtitled: A Dog’s View of Multicultural Relativism.
China’s Cruelty by Spencer Warren.

I'm sorry: I can't read it. I'm posting it as a public service, but I haven't read it. Just can't.

There have been some things I've read in the past about animals that have left me completely dysfunctional for days/weeks. I hate to even bring it up because whatever it is that I've "been through" was NOTHING compared to the real suffering of the animals.

BTW, I also feel this way about cruelty to children...and cruelty, period. But there is something about the helplessness and dependency of animals and children that makes it even worse.

HAT TIP: China Confidential: China's Horrific Cruelty to Animals

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