Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russia Invades Georgia -- Where are the protests from the anti-war crowd?

Shades of Hungary 1956, the Czech Prague Spring 1968...Russian tanks have rolled into the breakaway Republic of Georgia to encourage the separatist province of South Ossetia in it's secession. The Russians said they were provoked. So did Hitler when he invaded Poland in 1939.

The question is did Putin and the Russians grovel before the U.N. before taking this pre-emptive action? Our crack staff at the Neville Awards combed the wireservices, the internet, the newspapers and, shock of shocks, we couldn't find anything that passed John Kerry's 2004 'Global Test'. The Russians just did opinion be damned.

The U.N. Security Council did meet after the attack, and typically, couldn't agree that they were in the city of New York, or whether the genocide in Darfur was actually genocide. Then they realized they were supposed to be talking about the Russians so they adjourned and went home.

And where is Code Pink, ANSWER, MoveOn, Daily Kos and all of the other Leftist losers expressing their "righteous indignation" over the attack. UHHH, nowhere. Because Georgia is a U.S. ally these Communist, leftist and socialist groups are, no doubt, privately rooting for their fav ex-commies to prevail.

No doubt they will blame George Bush for the attack saying he provoked the Russians by providing military assistance to the Georgians.

Remember, the Left in America didn't want U.S. involvement in World War II until Nazi Germany reneged on the Stalin-Hitler Non-Aggression pact and attacked Russia...after Russia and Germany had carved up Poland.

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